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Trip to Ben Nevis, Scotland, July 2003

Here are some scenic photos taken from a holiday in and around Ben Nevis. Most were taken walking up the mountain on an absolutely beautiful day.


Some hills, taken from about 200m up the foot of Ben Nevis. The colours have been artificially altered to make them more vivid.

A cairn someway up Ben Nevis

A cairn someway up Ben Nevis with an interesting arrangement of stones.

Some grass

Some grass someway up Ben Nevis.

A lonely tree

A lonely tree, looking down the valley beside Ben Nevis.

Boats in Fort William

Some boats in the harbour by Fort William.

Ben Nevis (the village and the foothill)

A shot of Ben Nevis (the village) and across the foot of Ben Nevis (the mountain). We stayed in the hostel slightly farther down the road.

Out the train window

A shot of the train window as we move quickly past some trees