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Trip to Newcastle, England, April 2004

Ali and I went to see my grandma in Newcastle, with my sister (who studies in Northumbria Uni) and her boyfriend. We visited the Farne Islands, and went out to see the lights by the Tyne. Well, that's all the photos show anyway!

On the boat

Ali and Madeleine enjoying the boat ride out to sea.

Boat again

It was a wee bit nippy, and rough at times, but all good fun.

Birds, rocks and waves.

I call this one "birds, rocks, waves", in the tradition of the Turner Prize winner "Lights on, Lights off".

More birds

Those birds really make a mess...

Birds flying off

The puffins gave us a royal salute flyby as we passed.

Lazy birds

These birds were just too lazy. Or cold. Or stuck to the rocks with superglue for us tourists.

Mobile birds

More birds flying off. Maybe they don't like us?

Ali, Mads, Richard

Ali, Madeleine and Richard enjoying the bracing sea air... cold!

A seal



More seals. The pups still have light coats at this time of year.


It was a wee bit windy. Ali was clever enough to bring her binoculars (she's always well prepared!)

Across the sea

Looking across to a Banburgh Castle, that's used often for filming.

Puffins nesting

Puffins nesting on one of the islands.

Puffin in flight

You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to get a decent shot of a puffin flying by.

The warden post

Wardens stay in that house from March to October each year. Crazy, but it must be nice in a way.

Ali's boat

A photo by Ali? of the boat we came across in.


Nesting boards take notice!

Millennium bridge

The Newcastle & Gateshead Millennium Bridge lit up at night.

Millennium bridge

And again...

Funky lights

There is this very strange glass building next to the bridge. But with the lights inside and out, and glass walls, you get some very pretty reflections.