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Trip to Criccieth, Wales, Jan 2004

These are some photos taken from a trip up to my grandparents in Criccieth, Wales. None of them are of hills though ;-) Some photos were taken by Ali.

Power station

A power station taken from the train.

Birmingham train station

Some benches in Birmingham New Street train station.

Flowers in wooden vase

An attempt at a long exposure, sharp image of flowers in a wooden vase.

Looking out from Caenarfon Castle

Looking out over a town wall from Caenarfon Castle.

Looking out from Caenarfon Castle 2

Looking out towards the hills from Caenarfon Castle.

A gargoyle on Caenarfon Castle

A gargoyle wrapped in wire on Caenarfon Castle.

Some stones

Some pebbles on a driveway.

Criccieth beach

Criccieth beach with an interesting exposure, taken at midday.

Ali on the beach

Ali Clark making a striking pose on the beach, with the sun behind her.

Ali's feet

Ali's feet, by Ali