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Projects I am working on

Here's a fun list of projects I'm involved with. I tend to do too little on too many projects :o) See also my small snippets of code.

Remix Reading
Remix Reading is an artistic project based in Reading, UK. It's aim is to get artists (working with music, video, paint, wood or any other medium that can conceivably be represented on a web site) to come together and share their work, be inspired by each others' work, and ultimately to create "remixes". All material on the web site is released under a Creative Commons license, which allows you to customise your copyright so others can use, copy, and share your work as you choose. I'm "leading" the project.

The K Desktop Environment
I work on the KDE Quality Teams Project. I wrote the guide to working with the media for the Quality Team Project, and gave a presentation on the project at the KDE conference, aKademy, in August 2004. I also occasionally do this and that for the usability and promotion teams, and have done a small amount of artwork for KDE users.

Reading University Campaigns Forum
I used to be the coordinator of the RUCF, a group that organises and encourages political activism at Reading Uni (UK). Now I just co-ordinate the Go Green campaign, and attend meetings like everyone else :-) I was one of the main people behind my University's switch to green electricity. I also designed the web site.

The Information Accessibility Initiative
I started this as a workgroup for the AFFS, focussing on lobbying organisations to only use open formats. It's now blossomed into what could be a really good umbrella campaign for groups that want to tackle the accessibility of information.

The technology that runs my web site, amongst others:
My father's web site (A fairly small project, I modified the code used on this site to suit a web site showing off my father's art portfolio. It's not finished yet.)
Professor Stephany Griffith Jones (An economics professor; the mother of a friend)

Others things that I'm not really working on any more (mostly because I finished them):

Science & Engineering Ambassadors was a job I did for SETPOINT Hertfordshire; it's a portal for schools and businesses to coordinate cooperation, to make managing visits, long-term help etc easier. It uses Perl and MySQL and is a pretty big project!

NewToLinux.org.uk was a English & French web site for GNU/Linux newbies. Unfortunately, after legal problems with the domain I lost control of the web site, and haven't found the time to put it back somewhere else.
QuickRip is a DVD ripping application written in Python. I've handed over ownership to Jesir Vargas, after I found I simply didn't have the combination of time and skills to get the most out of the project.
Battle for Wesnoth - I've contributed some scenario balancing and a couple of multiplayer maps
TomPong - a simple Pong game written in Python and Pygame
GPlaylist - a M3U/HTML playlist generator
GNE - GNE's Not an Encyclopedia (dead)
Hacktivism.ca (dead)