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Research: The Hacker Ethic

Notes on or related to The Hacker Ethic.

Excerpts from the book (the official site has dropped off the net)

EC Report on participation & IT & industrial relations
Open source as a model for education, and social services
Random quotes
The four dimensions of participation
The Play Ethic
Time Off for Good Behaviour
Web of inclusion, not leaders
Techgnosis, infomysticism and the war against entropy
What Should I Do With My Life?
Free Software and market relations (marxist)
Various perspectives of meaningful work
The Internet as a social / productive / political / spiritual space
What motivates Hackers? (BCG & OSTG & SF & MIT school of management survey)
Copyleft vs. Copyright: A Marxist critique by Johan Söderberg

"the feeling was exhilarating and addictive" - an M$ employee who toyed with free software as part of an M$ research project, and found how he could contribute to a product. (source)

Towards Eudaimonia: the Fulfilled Hacker
An essay analyses the largely material conception of the hacker as put forward by the likes of Pekka Himanen and Eric Raymond, and then develops the social, political and spiritual themes in the Hacker Ethic. It's not very good, but I keep it up anyway.

Dissertation notes
Notes specific to my dissertation on the Hacker Ethic.