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The Ugly Gardens Project

Have you ever walked past a garden and thought: "wow, that garden is really ugly!", and then kept noticing more ugly gardens the whole day? No? Well we did, and here's a web page to prove it!

We have gone on two trips around Bedford, England, looking for examples of truly Ugly Gardens and taking pictures of the most spectacular examples. To find out just how ugly gardens in Bedford can get, look at the pictures from our first trip and from our second trip. We also have a rare photo of a house that, an informer tells us, once had an ugly garden, but has since been de-Uglified.

We also decided to see if there was a geographical reason for the ugliness of gardens. Perhaps, we stipulated, gardens got uglier the further from the town centre you went? Or perhaps ugly gardens only existed in pockets in suburbia? Are Ugly Gardens contagious? All these questions have been answered by this magic map plotting the culprits:

A map of Ugly Gardens in Bedford

Stop the press!. We've done a new, topical project! Ugly Gardens of Iraq.