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Forging links with local schools can be very beneficial for businesses and their employees. Through building relationships with local students, businesses get a chance to assist their local schools, encouraging pupils to take an active interest in their field of expertise. They can also improve local recruitment drives, and promote themselves as being active in the local community.

Employees also benefit from working with local schools, because the work can be extremely rewarding and motivating, and it can provide individuals with transferable skills and qualifications that can be used in their business environment.

The kind of support businesses can provide local schools is largely visiting schools (to give talks or help with competitions, for example), giving students tours around their business' sites, and providing long-term support with projects. Making and keeping track of these arrangements can be very difficult and time consuming, and so the Science & Engineering Ambassadors Web Site takes all of the hassle out of the process, leaving businesses and their ambassadors free to concentrate on their work.

The process of making arrangements works as follows:

  1. A teacher will e-mail one of your business' ambassadors from the Web Site.

  2. You can then work out the arrangements with the teacher via e-mail or over the phone.

  3. Once you have agreed upon the details of the arrangement, the teacher will file the arrangement on the Web Site, entering the details you agreed upon.
  4. You can then either dispute these details, which forces the teacher to make adjustments, or accept them, in which case you can then wait for the arrangement to take place.

  5. The arrangement will then take place, be it a visit or project support over a longer period of time.

  6. After the arrangement has taken place, both the teacher and ambassador involved file reports, which both the school and the business can look at.

To use the Web Site, first you must make an account for your business, which will be checked by SETPOINT Hertfordshire before it becomes active. You must then refer each employee you wish to be an ambassador to us, and when they have received the necessary training you can make an account for them, which we will check before it becomes active. The individual ambassadors can then start making arrangements, or you can use one account to act as a gateway to your business' ambassadors, so one person can do all of the arranging.

Once registered, you can log in here.