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Many local businesses put willing employees forward to become ambassadors for their company, who are then trained to make sure they can work with students. These ambassadors can then provide practical support to assist local schools to enhance young people's scientific and technical capability and raise the awareness of the importance of science and engineering to the economy and society by visiting schools, allowing schools to visit their business, and providing long-term project support.

Trying to find a local business that you can visit, or that will send an employee to visit your school, or that will allow an employee to give you long-term support on a project is difficult and stressful. You then have to get in contact with the local business, and find a way of making arrangements with the business. Keeping track of these arrangements and contacts is also an awful lot of bother. The Science & Engineering Ambassadors Web Site eliminates all of this bother and stress by providing schools (and teachers) an easy way of tracking down suitable businesses, making arrangements and keeping track of them.

The process of making arrangements works as follows:

  1. You search a database of businesses according to a variety of criteria
  2. Once you have found a business, you can read about the business, and view a list of ambassadors in the business.
  3. You can then send an e-mail to a selected ambassador from the Web Site.

  4. You can then work out the arrangements with the ambassador via e-mail or over the phone.

  5. Once you have agreed upon the details of the arrangement, you file the arrangement on the Web Site, entering the details.
  6. The ambassador can then either dispute the details, or accept them.

  7. Once accepted, the arrangement can take place, be it a visit or project support over a longer period of time.

  8. After the arrangement has taken place, both the teacher and ambassador involved file reports, which both the school and the business can look at.

To use the Web Site, first you must make an account for your school, which will be checked by SETPOINT Hertfordshire before you can use it. Individual teachers can then create accounts using the school's password, and then they can start making arrangements. With the school account you can keep track of all of your teacher's arrangements.

Once registered, you can log in here.